PSM in Korea

The PSM programs in Korea were initiated by the Korean government – Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning – as a part of the International Science-Business Belt (ISBB) development plan. The plan is to develop a state-of-the art basic science clusters to lead the future scientific competitiveness of Korea. The ISBB consist of four region; one (Daejeon) for basic research utilizing heavy ion accelerator, and three (Cheonan, Cheongjoo, and Sejong) for applied research utilizing the results from the basic research performed in the Daejeon region. To improve the technology transfer and business development in the latter three regions, the government initiated the PSM programs.

Three Universities such as Chungbuk National University, HongIK University and KOREATECH University were selected as regional centers for PSM programs. Each university represents each region, reflecting the regional industrial specialties. Chungbuk National University was selected as a PSM education institution in the ChungJu region that is specialized in the Mdical and IT-related industries. Therefore, Chungbuk National University developed a PSM program specializing in the Biomedical Convergence Science and Management, and the government has funded it since August 2012.

In 2012, government research institutes, and government agencies within the region gathered to give advice to Chungbuk National University. The industry and research institutes expressed the needs for human resources required in the region, and experts from academia gave advice to translate the industry needs in to PSM curriculum design. They together suggested an education model consisting of 60~70% of science and engineering courses (especially specializing in the Biomedical convergence science and technologies) and 30~40% of technology management courses.

Recently, Cheonan City Council started building SB Plaza which is a part of ISBB plan. SB Plaza is a regional center for technology transfer, university-government-industry cooperation, and business development in the city. Chungbuk National University PSM has been involved in the process of development plan, and Cheonan City Council recognized and included PSM program as an important part of the SB Plaza operation. When SB plaza begins operation, there will be a stronger cooperation between university-industry-government.