Supporting organization

Priority for SB(Science&Business)Plaza

The SB Plaza is located in the Sejong Functional Zone and is expected to open in the first-half of 2018. The Health Science Business Convergence, which was established at Chungbuk National University in 2013, will use this opportunity to outreach with the local science and business communities while still maintaining alliances with the local innovation hub (SB Plaza) to spread research in science management and strengthen exchanges among universities, research institutes, and industries in the Science Business Belt as well as act as a gateway for young talent-start ups from PSM.

Various programs to encourage and support students and faculties:

  • - Recruit excellent full-time faculty and experts
  • - Scholarship programs to attract excellent students
  • - Expand and improve cutting-edge lecture rooms and research facilities (by investing more than 30% of the total budget)
  • - Develop education programs and teaching materials
  • - Enhance student competence by providing domestic/international training programs and internships
  • - Strengthen faculty capacity enhancement programs: Domestic and international PSM programs, collaborative research with partner institutions
  • - Establish and manage the research center and labs