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  • University Library

    The Chungbuk National University Library, including the branch libraries (Medical Library and Law Library), has a surface area of 19,267㎡ and over 2,935 seats for reading. The Library Collection contains over 990,000 volumes. It holds more than 850,000 books, 140,000 thesises submitted for degrees, and 4,840 nonbook materials of other educational media in support of research and academic activities of the University. Also, the Library has 1,477 print academic journals and 33,514 electronic journals and WebDB. These e-journals and WebDB can be accessed anywhere on campus. The Library provides lending services, document delivery services and multimedia services, etc. About 990,000 volumes of books are shelved in the following stack. Users personally go to the bookshelves and find books after verifying the collection status through a computer. The integrated information search system is available on the 1st floor. It helps users check the availability of a resource and its location. Searching for the data directly at the Resource Room is also permitted. Open hours   Facilities The Library Staff makes efforts to strengthen the functions of research support and to provide academic information.  

  • Student LIfe

    Introduction The CBNU Residence Halls are welfare facilities to provide a safe and inclusive living-learning community for students from other regions. The CBNU Residence Halls have been developed since built in 1984 for the first time. The CBNU Residence Halls are located in three different areas and each is comprised of 2~4 separate buildings, with beautiful trees and fully-furnished rooms to make your experience the best possible! Residence Halls Faculties Every room is double occupancy with internet access, a phone, two beds, a central air conditioner, and a fire prevention system. Each building has water purifiers, a dining room, showers and toilets, a coin laundry room, and a fitness center. Admission deadline For the 1st semester: The end of January For the 2nd semester: The end of July Please do not hesitate to contact the staff in our three central offices should you have any questions. For information about your housing contract, please visit Contact phone numbers and an e-mail address are shown below.