PSM-Advance Program


Training field practical students

Establish a human resource training system focused on consumers and students through the strengthen internship programs, perform real-life problem
- solving tasks, and strengthen links with science belt business

Improvement of full-time students' capability

Promote full-time students' career expansion and employment through the introduction of specialized professional curricula for full-time students.

Efficiency of Science Belt PSM Curriculum Operation

Minimize the duplication of similar courses and integrate and operate standardized education, thereby reducing curriculum operation costs and improving quality.
We will introduce an additional program (Korea PSM program) to complement existing PSM college curriculum and improve the ability of PSM graduates.
It also runs internship programs focusing on full-time students for investors, and on-the-job training to enhance problem-solving skills through collaborative online education and efficiency.
It will be conducted planning research for the establishment and operation of specialized courses and the introduction of the certification system.
Major programs

Full-time internship program

Enhance linkage with the science belt business and expand opportunities for PSM course students to improve their practical skills and experience on-site. It is selected as an internship entrusted institution by the investing organization or the functional district R & D support project organization to acquire on-the-job practical skills or participate in research and development.

Common literacy course

In addition to streamlining the operation of the PSM curriculum, alleviating the burden on students' participation in classes, and providing problem- solving complex education opportunities that are difficult for individual universities to carry out.

Planning Research

Improvement of the PSM system in accordance with the purpose of science belt business.

Global science commercialization

- Necessity and demand for fostering relevant experts to prevail in rapidly changing global science and technology commercialization market.
- PSM course students visit overseas innovation case study and training to acquire advanced science commercialization know-how

PSM industry-academy-related practical capacity building program

Develop industry-related business-type programs to nurture industry-leading fusion and hybrid science-business practice professionals.

PSM certification support business

By acquiring the official certification from KGI * (Keck Graduate Institute, USA), we will expand the base of PSM college of science belts including PSM awareness. - PSM official certification acquisition / PSM integration homepage (Korean / English) construction / PSM performance tracking

Support project for Global on-site training program

Plan and operate a common field education program for PMS graduate school students to strengthen their global and scientific commercialization capabilities. Hands-0n experience in abroad. This is commonly operated in a bid for an Advanced Program (AP) for the purpose of 3 Universities’ PSM and is not awarded Delegation of Global Hands-on Training is composed of about 20 students from 3 institutions and led by professors and staffs of the related agency and organism (Innopolis Foundation Korea)

01. Methods of supervision Cooperative consensus board by an Executive direction or temporarily constitutive roundtable composed of Leading Professors, Local Business ncubator or Innovation hub or Innopolis, accelerators, Local Start ups and research centers, Local Venture Capitals, etc. Industrial/Institutional instructors

02. Evaluation by a cross-check system and a co-teaching approach : Pitching, Presentation, Team building beteen participants eventually internationally cooperative team, bench makings, field trips. Post evaluation meeting by jury after the Programs for comments and awards.

03. Expected Products are varied depending from not only the nature of Internship but also 3 different majors : Final report on Global Hands-on
Program .1 Report 2. Certificate of completion, Workshop, Awards, etc.

04. Knowledge, behavior, skill outcomes to be expected - Prompt skills and abilities to analyze and to think out ideas in blending different domains related to a sustainable and a data driven connected city life : art and science and technology, humanities and social sciences, technical knowledge indetail and practice,strategic minds for planning space and place, architecture and cities.